Has anybody performed any ISTA (Worldwide Faculty of Temple Arts) retreats?
I am pondering of degree 1 and degree 2 coaching quickly, however all for realizing extra if anybody has truly performed these.

Attempting to find extra artwork like this:

Cannot put up this on r/helpmefind or r/whatisthisart as a result of it’s NSFW and that goes in opposition to their pointers. However this is the artwork I am looking for;

Tantric Temple Tapestry


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I purchased two of those tapestries in upstate New York in 2006 at a clothing-optional spiritually pushed competition known as Starwood. I am not from that space, by no means went again to Starwood, and ultimately the competition give up being held there. I don’t know the place to get extra of those.

Any useful strategies shall be appreciated.
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Tantra and regulation of opposites.

I’ve examine self identification with deities by tantric practices, and I even have learn in regards to the… Erm clans?… That follow the regulation of opposites as nicely. Eg feminine is definitely hearth whereas male is water. One should homicide to absolve homicide.

So, i had an thought about regulation of opposites with regard to self identification with the deities. What if as a substitute of you self figuring out with the deities you get the deities to self establish with you? In any case its on one other aircraft, your aircraft to a level. Nobody is larger or lesser on that aircraft, so why not lure as a substitute of be lured?

Disclaimer*: i benefit from the likes of Tim Leary when it comes to createym your faith/mind so my methods whereas seeming to be unconventional to some do maintain up in my life appropriately πŸ™‚

True Tantric Books assist

Hiya fellow members! Im not searching for recommendation, except you want to share your expertise.

I practiced solo tantra earlier than i met my gf. Whereas doing solo follow I encountered an inside anima to a level. I really feel that lacks reality as a result of my inside anima is much from sexual pursuits however she might have been revealing herself to me.

A short while after this expertise i met my present associate and she or he replicated among the similar precise issues from the evening of my private follow.

I wish to introduce our relationship to true trantric textual content reasonably than neotantrick or the trendy sciences primarily based off 1900s american man whos title isnt coming to me.

I do know these unique texts lack precise sexual acts to a excessive diploma, however I really feel that will probably be very wholesome in growing longevity, well being, and stability.

If somebody might please level me to a few of these, im positive not straightforward to learn books, it will be extremely apprciated πŸ™‚ .

A lot love –

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