Reabsorbing sexual power

Hello all, I am new to this group as I often go to /r/meditation. So I feel this matter is suitable right here.

I have been concerned about full physique and/or prostate orgasms for some time now. I would purchased a prostrate toy however whereas it felt pleasurable, I would by no means come near the large O. I’ve, nonetheless, discovered a routine that works for me and that I would prefer to share.

So, the way in which I see it, an erection is pent up chi within the location of the penis. It needs to maneuver as in get out within the type of ejaculation. However it may well additionally transfer again in direction of the prostate and anus.

So to start out the method of reabsorption, I exploit my prostate toy, non-vibrating, with small refined actions to get the juices and blood flowing within the area. It is so simple as doing a little bit of kegels and shifting my hips/legs round rhythmically.

When that space turns into engorged I can proceed with this toy to increase the sort of play or transfer on the a vibrating prostate toy. After inserting the vibrating toy, I cycle by means of completely different modes and speeds-settling on some that I like for a bit longer than others. I alternate between completely enjoyable my muscle tissues down there to squeezing the anus and pelvic flooring muscle teams. When relaxed, these muscle tissues begin transferring on their very own accord and I feel with the correct consideration positioned on them (and placing the porn away) that it could lead on as much as an orgasm.

I do that from 40 minutes to an hour. After about 30-40 minutes, I may even jack off however not cum. I can do that for the final 20 or so minutes and should have mini dry orgasms.

After I am completed, I really feel wonderful. There is not any pent up power. Plainly every thing has been cycled. I am now not horny-for a number of days. After I begin getting sexy ideas once more, I simply do one other session.

Hope this helps.

Solo tantra

Is it attainable for solo tantra and solo orgasms to happen? How can I be taught extra about solo tantra?

33 male I’ve been to some tantric massages over time however how am i able to follow and be taught extra by myself about my physique and the way it’s working for me.

Is there separation between common tantra and orgasm inflicting tantra or is it reached by means of the identical channels?

Additionally being male does perennial therapeutic massage have to happen?

So many questions searching for some solutions

Tantric orgasm or simply very lightheaded??

Whats up,
I’m a 36yr outdated male who has been doing nofap for a few years with solely a few relapses, and hardly any PMO

I not too long ago purchased the city tantra e book as I really feel I’ve been ignoring an essential a part of myself and determined to reclaim my sexuality following a reboot from an excessive amount of porn.

I attempted a number of of the respiratory workout routines and meditations, which felt actually good, for a few days earlier than making an attempt a solo tantric self-massage.

I paid consideration to my respiratory as a lot as I might what with the outdated fella all lubed up and having fun with himself. Particularly I targeting round respiratory, visualising the microcosmic orbit.

I feel I had three orgasms with out ejaculating, and had critical tingles in my fingers, toes and a buzzy head, together with a heat wash over my torso. Weirdly my penis behaved virtually prefer it had ejaculated because it began to go flaccid after every one.

Now my query is have been these orgasms? I’m so programmed to ejaculate to orgasm that I am unsure. The rationale I ask is that after I sing or sit up and breathe deeply, I get the same feeling however with out the heat or rush. So am I doing it proper or am I hyperventilating/getting an excessive amount of oxygen? If that’s it that is effective because it felt nice!

I do know a part of tantra is to just accept what’s and never attempt to perceive the whole lot, however I suppose a little bit of steering and views from the neighborhood would not harm!

TLDR: Learn how to inform distinction between tantric orgasm and being light-headed and tingly from breath-work?