Ought to bliss be the “default state”?

You’ll be able to learn in a number of associated sources that “bliss is the rightful pure state of people”. From a strictly evolutionar perspective (I am an atheist and materialist), I extremely doubt that that makes a whole lot of sense.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply that we must always not attempt to have increasingly bliss.

These previous few days, I’ve practiced a whole lot of tantra, yoga and meditation, and I really feel like I can have a complete lot of bliss at my command. (Don’t fret, I am not off the deep finish but, I am effectively conscious that this, too, shall go…. 😉 )

So, the query is – supposing you possibly can really feel blissfull roughly on a regular basis – would this certainly be a good suggestion? What are arguments for it, what speaks in opposition to it?

Evaluating nofap and tantric sexual “abstinence” (xpost /r/NoFap)

I rely myself as a tantrika of kinds, however not a nofapper. I by no means was hooked on porn (by no means discovered all of it too interesting). I received into the “chastity” kink from the bdsm facet of issues, discovered it fascinating after which received into tantra, meditation and yoga. I don’t precisely “abstain” from porn, I simply do not typically watch it.

In impact, I didn’t masturbate “to completion” for four weeks now, and in all probability I’ll extend this for fairly some time. I do have intercourse with my girlfriend, and when there’s sufficient time, I interact in critical tantric practices which contain lots of edging. In a approach, I am in fixed masturbation (whilst we communicate, I can interact in arousal simply by respiration), whereas alternatively I don’t do any of the act that nofappers dread.

What, in your thoughts, is comparable between the 2, and what’s fully completely different? Am I a secretly a nofapper? Is one method higher than the opposite? Is it for various folks, or for everybody, simply at completely different levels?

altering the dynamic with my therapeutic massage therapist

I am pretty sure that the sensation of attraction is mutual between my therapeutic massage therapist and I. We’ve frequent pursuits, are tuned into one another’s vibe, and go deep collectively. I need to shift away from paying the spa to see him in the direction of an alternate the place we each select to spend time collectively. We have chatted a bit and have many pursuits in frequent, in our most up-to-date therapeutic massage he requested if do tantra. I do. He requested when he’ll see me once more. I like him and am extra nervous about going again. We have had nice therapeutic massage periods, every time going a bit deeper. He is pushing my boundaries and is clearly drawn to me, however I do not get a sleezy vibe from him in any respect. It is a pure connection. If solely I may stumble upon him on the town or one thing. I need him to ask me out, for tea or one thing, however possibly that is not cool for a male therapeutic massage therapist to ask out a feminine consumer. I need to shift away from therapeutic massage within the spa to practising tantra with him. How do I make this occur? Sorry if this publish is misplaced, new to reddit.

On David Chapman and Trendy Buddhist Tantra

[Modern Buddhist Tantra](http://moderntantra.blogspot.com/2017/05/modern-buddhist-tantra.html) is a dialogue of Chapman’s ideas on a contemporary spiritual philosophy and apply based mostly on conventional Tibetan non-monastic Buddhism. He believes that it might turn into a major spiritual pressure and an antidote to the weak, namby-pamby “consensus Buddhism” that’s greatest identified in America.

My explicit curiosity in Chapman’s concepts is that the pragmatic spiritual framework he espouses could be a wonderful match for the form of secular tantric intercourse that I apply.