Christopher Wallis on “The Actual Story of the Chakras”

TantraGirl and I have been speaking final evening about chakras and the way in which a weirdly inflexible 7-chakra system, full with colours, mantras, and symbols, has turn into an orthodoxy within the West and more and more in India too. She wrote [a comment further down]( about it, however I assumed it could be helpful so as to add this text by Christopher Wallis, as a result of it is probably the greatest discussions of what occurred:

+ [*The Real Story of the Chakras*](

Here is an excerpt from the intro:

> First let me make clear that by ‘the West’ I imply not solely Euro-American tradition but in addition the points of contemporary Indian tradition which are knowledgeable by the Euro-American tradition matrix. Since at this level it’s practically unattainable to discover a type of yoga in India not influenced by Euro-American concepts about it, once I use the time period ‘Western’ I embody all of the teachings on yoga in India immediately that exist within the English language.

> Okay, I’ll give it to you straight: for probably the most half, Western yoga understands virtually nothing concerning the chakras that the unique creators of the idea thought was essential about them. When you learn a e book like Anodea Judith’s well-known Wheels of Life or different books impressed by it, you aren’t studying a piece of yoga philosophy however of Western occultism, primarily based on three foremost sources:

> 1) earlier works of Western occultism that borrow Sanskrit phrases with out actually understanding them (like Theosophist C.W. Leadbeater’s The Chakras, 1927);

> 2) John Woodroffe’s flawed 1918 translation of a textual content on the chakras written in Sanskrit in 1577; and

> three) 20th-century books by Indian yoga gurus that are themselves primarily based on sources 1) and a pair of).

> Books on the chakras primarily based on sound comprehension of the unique Sanskrit sources exist solely within the scholarly world.

And a little bit additional down, he factors out that:

> There’s Not Simply One Chakra System in The Authentic Custom, There Are Many

> So many! The speculation of the delicate physique and its vitality facilities referred to as cakras (or padmas, ādhāras, lakṣyas, and many others.) comes from the custom of Tantrik Yoga, which flourished from 600-1300 CE, and remains to be alive immediately. In mature Tantrik Yoga (after the 12 months 900 or so), each one of many many branches of the custom articulated a special chakra system, and a few branches articulated multiple. 5-chakra methods, six-chakra methods, seven, 9, ten, fifteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight and extra chakras are taught, relying on what textual content you’re .

[Keep in mind as you read the term “Tantrik Yoga” that “yoga” in that context does NOT mean doing asanas (posture practice).]

The important thing level is that these chakra methods have been meant to be psychological aids to meditation, not descriptions of “religious actuality.” Like mnemonics, you need to use any system that works greatest for you.

For instance, [in modern tantric sex,]( it’s common when receiving a lingam/yoni therapeutic massage to make use of a type of meditation and targeted consciousness borrowed from Kundalini follow to unfold the feeling and bodily results of sexual arousal from the genital area to the pelvis, stomach, chest, and complete physique. If beginning on the backside and transferring upward in six steps works for you, nice! If doing it in bigger or smaller increments works higher, do it that method as an alternative!

In different phrases, there’s nothing magic concerning the quantity seven, besides that it is roughly on the cognitive restrict of the “set measurement” that most individuals can hold straight in short-term reminiscence at one time. (Cf. [“The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information”](,_Plus_or_Minus_Two#The_.22magical_number_7.22_and_working_memory_capacity), aka Miller’s Legislation.)

How to stimulate the chakras? Exercises

How to stimulate the chakras? Exercises

Exercise to improve chakra work is simple. For our efforts not to be wasted, they should be performed very carefully.

You can not focus on the correct action of one chakra. Only their harmonious co-operation ensures the smooth functioning of the whole organism.
Exercise 1

It energizes all energy centers and helps to clean up the negative emotions. The exercise involves spinning around your own axis. So stand upright, place your shoulders parallel to the floor and start turning right. Try to make about 10 turns, but stop if you start to spin your head. Exercise complete by joining hands 20 cm above the face. Look at your hands folded.
Exercise 2

Lie on your back. Hands along the body. Fingers together. Then lift your head and touch your chin to your chest, while lifting your legs together and straight up. The hands of the inner side are constantly touching the floor. Go back to lying flat. Repeat the exercise. Keep breathing deeply – inhale as you lift your head and legs. Exit at lowering. When you lie flat, breathe evenly.
Exercise 3

Kneel down Body erect. Hands on thighs, below buttocks. Now touch your chin with your chest. Then tilt your head back. Hands may come down lower but behind the thighs. It is important to breathe – when you tilt your head back – inhale. Exit when returning to the erect position. During exercise, breathe deeply and have your eyes closed.
Exercise 4

Lay on the floor. Spread your feet (about 30 cm). Hands next to the buttocks. Straight back. Tilt your head – pull your chin up to your chest. Then tilt your head back – let it fall freely. Now lift your trunk – make a bridge. The trunk should be parallel to the ground, arms and legs perpendicular to it. Hold positions for a while. Tighten your muscles tight. Go back to your starting position, relax. Raise the torso to the bridge, inhale. Going back to the starting position – exhale.
Exercise 5

Make a flat seat. The distance between the hands and feet should be approximately 60 cm. Raise the torso. The spine flexes into the arch, hands should be perpendicular to the floor. Turn your head back as you can. Then lift your buttocks as you can at the highest level. Tuck your chin to your chest. In every position firmly tighten the muscles. Inhale as you lift the body, exhale while letting go.

How to unlock chakra?

How to unlock chakra?

Choose a quiet place where no outside noise will be heard and where no one will be disturbed.

Make the right atmosphere – light the incense stick, turn on some quiet, spiritual music.

Sit on the floor in Turkish or lotus position.

Relax, breathe freely and calmly, try to calm your mind by throwing away all thoughts.

Imagine how a blocked chakra opens slowly like a flower bud (instead of a bud you can visualize light points or completely different visualization that will suit you most). Imagine the color with which a particular chakra is associated. You can work on all chakras starting from the red chakra at the base towards the higher chakras. Repeat exercise daily.

Do not hurry, try to visualize the chakra opening as long as possible. You have to give them time to open up, because they probably stayed awake for a long time.

What is the difference between tantric and sensual massage?

I would say that a standard sensual massage is very similar to a standard massage but it the receiver may be naked and the practitioner will us certain sensual strokes and techniques such as moving a feather along the skin of the receiver. A sensual massage does not have to have a happy ending to it.

While a tantric massage is very much a more spiritual side of massage that involves a lot of erotic touching including of the recipients most erogenous zones. There are many reasons why a person would have a tantric massage, such as self improvement as a lover or better understanding of their sexuality. Living in a city like London where we are based can be very stressful so having a massage of this kind is also a great way to relax.

If you want to learn more about the differences between each massage style then I suggest you check out the Tantric Tingles website. They have a good description of what happens in a tantric massage session, and many other different massages such as nuru.


These are two types of massage that are similar physically but completely different energetically. Tantric massage utilises energy healing and is a more spiritual practice. It gets down into the deeper emotional and spiritual layers of the body. Physical Sensual massage is physical period. It is an emotional experience but the end result is love in the physical form. With Tantric massage, the end ideal is love consciousness. Think of it as a spiritual massage through physical touch and energy-work.


The main difference between the two is that tantric massage combines body, mind and spirit whereas a sensual massage is more a pure erotic experience. We use Tantra and tantric massage to empower ourselves sexually, to deepen bonds with our partners, to combat sexual problems such as lack of libido and premature ejaculation and in summary it becomes more a way of life than just a massage!


There is actually no such difference between tantric and sensual massage. It is just two names defining one single activity. Tantric massage means a form of massage during what your sensual nerves are treated with light fingertips. It is a process to rejuvenate your urges for sex, which have got suppressed under depression, sleeplessness, work anxiety, needless phobias and so on so forth.
These days, it’s quite common disorder to find in all, especially amongst middle aged people, who are stuck between works and family responsibilities. Now, many can question, why it is so as earlier people would stay happier despite working outside day long. To them, I would answer that today’s lifestyle has changed and this change, being good in nature, has brought along a few some negative effects too and they are as mentioned above.
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