Am I cursed? I am very confused.

I personally don’t have any data of Tantra however I do know the factor I simply skilled was Tantra… Any consultants right here will help analyze what occurred?

3 thoughts on “Am I cursed? I am very confused.”

  1. In tantra the idea is not to cum. Are you initiated? What are your practices? What is your lineage? Tantra is not about sex. If you feel trapped, or cursed, do this: identify where the curse come from, and with full compassion try reciting the Maha Karuna Dhanari Sutra. Paying homage to nagas and spirits that are with you. Burn incense and the best fragrances you can find and find a way to express compassion to you and your ill will. Be careful when sharing your energy next time.

  2. Paying homage to the naga king and the naga queen I say with permission of saints and buddhas that you are not cursed. Only obstructed. May you find compassion in yourself and others and may you rise above this situation with love and devotion. Respect yourself and others and pay homage to your lineage and gurus. Om ham hum vajra guru pedma sidhi hum.

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