Any concepts on how we will get that naming catastrophe sorted?

I am into very western neotantra, coming from a skeptical, materialist, irreligious place.

I can completely see that those that are into what they name genuine tantra, are irritated by others utilizing the identical label.

I additionally see that this label won’t simply merely cease for use in that manner, solely as a result of some individuals object to that. Language doesn’t work that manner.

I’m completely ready to make use of a distinct label for my very own follow. I do not give a rattling the way it’s referred to as, actually. All I would like is to debate strategies, discover likeminded individuals, and have a superb time.

However that signifies that there are limitations. There’ll by no means be a sub named /r/vaguelytantrainspiredwesternorgasmicpractice. Individuals have a have to get collectively, and so they can not do this except a reputation has some spice. It has to move a that means, and it has to take action in as few letters as attainable.

I attempted to give you names. However every little thing I got here up with missed this one essential high quality of catchiness.

A brand new title definitely won’t ever be established utterly. Those who depend on the title tantra for his or her livelihood, will all the time preserve it, whether or not thought of legit or not.

It is likely to be attainable that we will set up some naming conference that (most) everybody can reside with, at the least to a point. I’d be up for that!

You probably have any inventive concepts, please do share!

2 thoughts on “Any concepts on how we will get that naming catastrophe sorted?”

  1. Oh, here are a few names that I came up with, but they all suck:

    * sexual meditation (taken, I think)
    * sexual mindfulness (just a variation on the above)
    * western semi-spiritual tantra-inspired sexual activity (okay, just a joke…)
    * spiritual sexuality
    * sexual spirituality
    * slow sex (that’s probably the best so far, but it still sucks)

    See? They all suck. They all suck! So of course everyone just sticks with “tantra”.

  2. Perhaps try starting a /r/neotantra if there isn’t one already. Something devoted exclusively to the sex/energy stuff that many Westerners seem to confuse for Tantra.

    Also, if this subreddit had more active mods to discourage NeoTantra/ sex stuff (as opposed to traditional Hindu or Buddhist Tantra religious practice), that would be great.

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