Anyone right here been in a position to obtain male a number of/full physique orgasms?

I have been working towards from a couple of completely different books (mantak chia’s a number of orgasmic male amongst others). I am doing this due to a lifelong jealousy at seeing all my previous girlfriend shivering in pleasure with seemingly rather more intense, longer orgasms, as in comparison with my dick sneeze. In addition to merely desirous to increasing my very own pleasure. It actually bothers me, it simply appears so unfair how significantly better their orgasms are in comparison with my very own. I really feel like my orgasm is not even practically pretty much as good.

I used to be simply searching for some encouragement that it’s attainable for us guys to have one thing comparable (though with observe). So have any of you achieved this? If that’s the case, might you inform me what it is like?

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  1. Yep. I can do this now. It is totally possible! I used Mantak Chia’s book too. Lovely book.

    It is amazing. Just this morning I gave myself over an hour of really pleasurable orgasms.

    One thing not mentioned in the books is to learn to truly love yourself. Otherwise you won’t believe you are worth so much pleasure and you might self sabotage.

    It is astonishing to me how few men even bother to learn this technique. Good luck!

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