Assist with explaining the mechanics of kundalini awakening

Okay. So. I would like somewhat assist with this.

This is what I do know. Prana vayu strikes up from the navel space, and apana vayu strikes down from the navel space.

One thing causes them to reverse and meet. Once they do, they create intense warmth within the samana vayu on the navel.

The warmth from the samana vayu then one way or the other stimulates the dormant sushumna nadi — therefore one way or the other resulting in the awakening of kundalini.

What I do not know is:

1) Do the prana vayu and apana vayu circulate in each the ida and pingala? Or does apana circulate in a single, and prana within the different?

2) What causes prana and apana to reverse and meet within the first place? Particularly within the case of spontaneous kundalini awakening? (Notice — I do know this may be attributable to totally different yoga methods, however what I am interested in is extra the spontaneous number of kundalini awakening; i.e. do they simply reverse spontaneously at occasions, or is there all the time a mechanism behind it?)

three) The place within the delicate physique does prana enter after which differentiate into the 5 vayus?

four) What vayu is it (if any) that travels down the sushumna to activate kundalini? Is it the samana vayu itself? Or some form of combo of apana and prana? Or is it does the warmth itself awaken kundalini with out having to first journey down the sushumna?

Thanks that’s all for now. That is for a paper. I simply wish to get my info straight.

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