Can Tantra assist me management my urges?

I have been on a semen retention kick currently, and after about 7 days I begin going loopy…that is after I begin calling my ex or fwb for a hookup (sure I ought to know higher), or I simply masturbate. I attempt to fill my time after work with health club, however apart from that I do not know what to do. Any recommendation on how a complete n00b to Tantra could make this work? I do know nothing about Tantra, however I might prefer to study extra. Can it assist me acquire higher management over my urges? The place is the perfect place to begin (all these sources on google appear overwhelming).

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  1. [Here are some sublimation techniques.](

    When I first learned about these, I practiced Uddiyana Bandha for about ten minutes a day. Nowadays I only practice it when I feel horny (which isn’t unreasonably often), to make that feeling go away.

    While doing the breathing exercise [as shown in the video](, it’s also effective to visualize the energy flowing from your genitals to either your heart or to the top of your head.

    I don’t have personal experience with the other sublimation techniques.

  2. I’d say try to remove all the sexual influences you get daily. Also, just realise that sex gives you pleasure but reduces your energy and focus on other thing.

    For example, I removed my Instagram, stopped going into my NSFW reddit account etc. and that has helped me a lot.

  3. Yes and no. You have urges because you’re addicted to sex and orgasms. You need to take care of that first. Else Tantra will just be another way your sexual instincts find to express themselves.
    A lot of Tantra techniques will actually make the urges even worse. Just like exercise isn’t a good idea right now. It only brings your testosterone levels up.
    Learn to deal with the urges. There are other meditation techniques that can help. Just try not to think to much about it and do something else, not too physical. Urges will start to decrease slowly cause your brain won’t be looking so much for that feel good reward sex gives you.
    If you’re still interested in Tantra by then just come back.

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