Curiosity cured the cat?

Younger (19), not but begun meditating however have had an curiosity in tantra and tantric ‘orgasms’ since about 14.

The place ought to I begin?

Would ultimately prefer to have periods with a practitioner after which introduce the concept to my long run boyfriend however determined to information myself by a private journey first

any ideas?

Thanks ❤

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  1. hey. Tantrism doesn’t has much to do with sex. Well it does. Tantrism has everything to do with life. Sex is a part of life. But it’s just a small part of what tantrism is about.
    Some higher practices use sex. But they are marginal. Arousal can awaken life force. It can start a fire. It’s a body hack. Just like going to extremes, flirting with death, through meditation techniques that use breathing or extreme weather can awaken life force. Those are hardcore techniques for people that have practiced a lot the basics. And I mean a lot.
    If you want to learn the basics, that have nothing to do with sex, tantric buddhism seems the easiest way to go. Since the tibetan diaspora you will find a lot of representants of it scattered around the world.
    Kashmir shivaism is harder to find, for obvious geopolitical reasons.
    Basic things to train are your mind and your body.
    There are a lot of practice on the senses, through meditation. In order to achieve higher consciousness.
    There is also a lot of practice on the body. Involves a lot of stretching. This can be found with yoga. But also Qi gong or Taiji, which has a lot of teachers scattered all over the world, once again, because of the chinese revolution.
    No need to talk about energy. When in a properly stretched body, when in good posture and in a relax state, these things come naturally. It only takes practice.
    Training your senses and your body will of course improve your sex life significantly. By the time you get to the level where you can practice sexual techniques, you’ll already have had a shitload of fun. Taiji will teach you to move with a partner for example. Tibetan meditation will teach you to have a opened consciousness, where you can feel and experience so much.
    Have fun and don’t look for sex too much into these things, only thing you’ll find are weirdos.
    Do the basics no one wants to actually practice and you’ll reap the benefits and will already get a mystical sex life (among other things).

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