2 thoughts on “easy methods to observe tantra solo – for males?”

  1. Robert Svoboda was the first westerner to receive Ayurvedic medicine credentials in India. His mentor was an Indian tantric adept, and the subject of a series of very interesting books by Dr. Svoboda. It might be of some use to locate a copy of “Aghora:At the Left Hand of God”, as it contains lots of information relevant to Tantra and tantric practice. There’s much to say on the subject however I would invite you to explore it some.
    [Robert Svoboda on Tantra](https://youtu.be/jOZHEuWau2E)

  2. I’m a beginner, but here are my two cents anyway 🙂

    I practice alone in several ways. To me, tantra is about being meditative during intimacy. Being open to feeling everything that arises during those moments. Intimacy can be everything from sex with a partner, masturbation, a close conversation, or a deep connection with nature. So, one thing you can do is to practice honest intimacy and connection to yourself and the world around you. The courage to be true, vulnerable and present, is something you can practice anywhere, any time. For instance through meditation. You will take your insights and habits with you when you are physically intimate with a partner.

    For the more physical part of it, I personally have experimented with mindful masturbation. Being present in my body and enjoying the pleasant sensations, letting feelings pass by, not hurrying towards orgasm, etc. Thanks to this “practice”, I’ve discovered the ability to have multiple orgasms.

    Hope this gives some food for thought. 🙂

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