Few questions relating to tantric intercourse

I’ve been practising non-ejaculationary orgasm for a while, however I’ve solely as soon as been in a position to do it. So few questions:

– How precisely do you differentiate between ejaculation and orgasm through the peak?

– How do you direct power to larger chakras and when do you do it?

– If my intention is Kundalini awakening, does ejaculation 100% sabotage my efforts? In different phrases, is it unattainable to awaken Kundalini with out being chaste or practising retention?

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  1. 1: What do you mean by ‘differentiate?’ or by ‘peak’? Ejaculation includes ejaculate; orgasms don’t always include fluids.
    2: Directing energy to higher chakras requires that your Kundalini path to be cleared and not obstructed by your fears. Once you get that handled, it gets way easier.
    3: It is possible to awaken Kundalini but not practice retention 100% of the time. However, you cannot do both at the same time. I mean that if you are going to ejaculate today, you will not awaken Kundalini today. You might be able to do it tomorrow.

    When all else fails with questions about Tantra, go back to the source you learned from.

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