How one can begin study extra about tantra? for actual.

I’m a man that has a severe concern a) though having a powerful intercourse drive I dont get that a lot bodily pleasure when it comes to sensation and my climax is both non present or its period is lower than a few seconds thus I cant pinpoint I’ve one… b) regardless of “a” I ejaculate inside a few minutes regardless of if I am going quick or sluggish.

I believe I’ve a severe situation and I couldn’t discover something on the internet to assist and a pair of docs I attempted merely thought I used to be joking and actually make me really feel unhealthy.

I’m not searching for a “quick trantric lactose free PC 2000” methodology to do one thing for 1 minute a day which is able to promise me huge pleasure and all these greasy telemarketing gross sales thingies I discover when googling about trantric intercourse.

I actually want to examine this factor as a result of I believe it’d assist me I simply dont know any respected supply to inform me the place to start out.

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  1. Yoga is useful in tantric sex as it helps you to control ejaculation. Yoga will help by strengthening the muscles in your core.

    Google “lingham massage” – I think you will find someone near you who will provide that experience.

    Tantra is a wholistic approach to life tho not just a sexual practice 🙂

    Good luck OP!

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