I need to examine Tantra

I need to examine Tantra. I have been practising yoga for over 10 years and tantra is beginning to fascinate me. I can journey anyplace on the earth however I might like to go in india. However i’d love an actual course.. thanks!

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  1. I recommend Sarita ([http://www.tantra-essence.com/](http://www.tantra-essence.com/)) and Layla Martin ([https://www.layla-martin.com/laylahome/](https://www.layla-martin.com/laylahome/)). Both primarily have an online presence but do live retreats periodically. They both consider themselves “classical tantra” but are comfortable adapting practices to the modern life where necessary/helpful.

    If you want to dip your toes in with books I’d recommend Christopher Wallace. He came to Tantra as a Sanskrit academic so his work is very true to the source.

    Best of luck!

    -Michelle Kildare ([michellekildare.com](https://michellekildare.com))

  2. Any recommendations for a yoga beginner who’d also like to become familiar with tantra ideas and traditions? What’s a good place to start that doesn’t require travel? And good books, podcasts, etc?

  3. Tantra is different in every context of how it’s being shared across since ages. Tantra from Hinduism, Spirituality context is way different than what West , East has received either through Osho, their disciples or any other Gurus as a “Sexual liberation” extension or union etc.

    So see to it, what you lean to believe in and yeah, surely go look for it. But have an open mind.

    On my stand, I don’t believe in Osho’s words which is still a translation of what he got from Natha guru’s followers and teachings. But people still believe Osho, and I and many don’t have issue with it.

    Just remember, Tantra isn’t sex or sexual liberation or expression of sex or even a spiritual path through sex! This is just a brainwashed philosophical manipulation of archetypes across East and West done by many so called “Spiritual Gurus” by their stoic manipulated literatures. They just read these archetypes very well to influence them this way so is why it kept going on since years.

    Many get into this to earn their living. That’s all it is for. That’s kind of rude might sound, but that’s harsh reality of why many dwell in this, what it had become and many claiming to be doing perfectly fine and good to others. Most people who get involved to learn Yoga or Tantra are deeply interested more to start their own studio or training programs, since it gives them easy route to earn their living, and also if it sound spiritual, and if it got “sex” in it, Oh why not isn’t. Sex is very very easy route to touch one’s conscious mind. It triggers your attention. Yoga too. It doesn’t sound you are teaching gymnastics, while most are just teaching the same, just how much you can twist your body is the perspective, has become now.

    My few thoughts. Yoga or Tantra or even many different practices which leans to spirituality aren’t made for making money or one’s own feel good factors . Infact olden times in India, Yoga or any “Sadhanas” Learnings of any form, be it tantra, or even war fare aren’t taught to make your living or making money. We had GuruShishya parampara(Teaching structure of Guru and student), and even “Gurudashina” which is like offerings to guru. And it can’t be claimed as fee or mandatory thing. It’s like offering with respect to the guru because of the knowledge. Infact Gurus took longer time to decide if their new students are really worthy enough to teach many different forms of knowledge, which also had “Tantra”, “Yoga” and many other holistic healing teachings.

    But world changed and many are learning a skill just to make money and hide behind falsehood.

    Tantra in India through Hinduism or even as Spiritual context is no where relates to “Sex”. “Yes”, I agree it do have union as part of it but not as everything it is as spiritual journey. That doesn’t mean Hinduism or Tantra have a conservative view.

    I don’t want to recommend any, but better search your own path. You will find your own way. It’s all fine if you are interested to know about making better sexual life. But that can’t be called as “Tantra”.

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