Intercourse? Actually?

So far as I can inform from the outline, this sub is devoted to yogic tantra, so why am I seeing threads about intercourse? I am not a prude, however Tantra is not primarily (or arguably tangentially) about intercourse. I got here right here after listening to an interview with Christopher Hareesh Wallace and beginning to learn his guide “Tantra Illumanted” so am sort of dissatisfied to see this. I am not a prude, however I am additionally not significantly occupied with hour lengthy orgasms when there’s a lot extra, and a lot extra worthwhile materials within the precise custom.

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  1. It seems our culture is entirely oversexualized, we are not really handling it too well, there are huge amounts of shame, anger, power issues, comercial potential etc. As an outcome of this the idea to experience it in a spiritual manner, where appearance and performance are neglectable is soo appealing. So this aspect of Tantra is pretty inflated in the modern scheme. However you can always open new threads about other topics – would love to read 🙂

  2. Nobody owns the name “tantra”. People get to define it any old way they like.

    That’s not to troll you, that is just a fact. Tantra is widely defined as spiritualized sex or sexualized spirituality, for good or for bad. It is defined that way, probably, by the majority of speakers. Linguistically, that is the true definition of tantra, like it or not.

    The opposite position to yours would be the mild amusement I feel, every time I see this sub: Every other comment seems to be some tantrik complaining that tantra is not about sex. Well, yeah, okay, fine, but then… just post your own views, write about “so much more”… TELL us what you mean by it. I’m all ears! Promote your favourite definition.

    I don’t care whether we call my practice tantra, neotantra, western tantra, sex magick… whatever. I want methods, I want practice, I want to hear of your personal experiences and how you deal with life. What helped, what didn’t help, what made a difference. That sort of stuff.

  3. The meanings of “Tantra” and “Yoga” have unfortunately changed beyond recognition in the West. Our first exposure to these concepts was through European entrepreneurs in the 20th century who westernized and monetized seemingly “exotic” spiritualities for personal gain.

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