Male assist please :)

Good day Tantra.
I’m a 20 yr outdated male finding out Tantra since about 16.
I’m in a fortunately dedicated relationship and virtually all is nicely minus my ego.
Previous to this relationship I might do solo play (no porn merely connecting with that interior anima so to talk.)
So my girlfriend cums about 5 occasions or so once we make love which I really feel wonderful about. Nevertheless even now it has been about 2 weeks since I completed so to talk.
I do know the frustration rising is from my ego, not my religious self however it’s so pervading.
The opposite facet of me feels endowed virtually with extra creativity, and extra of a magnetic attraction from different folks.
I additionally know semen retention to be of nice worth however it is usually such an ideal reduction for me to complete as nicely so to talk.
I am questioning the way you view this predicament and will shift your mindset to assist this course of?
Thanks 🙂

1 thought on “Male assist please :)”

  1. Yeah, i wonder the true benefits still. U can go on so long, at the same time its just not the same powerfull body vibe if u dont finish… I never felt the same orgasm when not finishing. Sure a lot of weaker pre orgasmic vibes, but not the whole `load` pun intended.

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