Male full physique orgasm

I’m a single male at the moment affected by ED and is inquisitive about studying Tantra to deliver my religious to a better stage and obtain increased pleasure and a number of orgasms with out being drained like what the traditional ejaculatory orgasm do. Anybody may give me some recommendation in the way to obtain a full physique orgasm and a number of orgasms?


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  1. I achieved one for the first time by working with a local dakini. During the session, she guided me into complete relaxation through a light trance induction and coached me on my breathing.

    I was instructed to focus on being completely relaxed, and while she massaged my lingam, I was told to breathe any sexual energy up my spine. After several minutes, I experienced an intense full body orgasm, with an amazing sensation of energy like electricity in my fingertips. It continued for several minutes and my whole body was tingling. I did not ejaculate, but I felt about 10x more pleasure than an ejaculatory orgasm would produce. It was incredible.

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