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I’ve [24F]been coping with sexual trauma since my first ever sexual expertise. I have been with my bf [26M] for six years, and we by no means managed to have a satisfying intercourse life due to that. Intercourse was painful for me, and though I’ve managed to recover from that with some bodily remedy, I am nonetheless fairly nervous about having something intimate. I get approach an excessive amount of in my head and might’t get within the temper or benefit from the second due to it. I additionally am fairly obsessive about efficiency and orgasms, and that makes it even tougher for me to take pleasure in myself.

When I’m alone, I’m doing alright. I’ve a intercourse toy assessment weblog and I take a look at merchandise out frequently, which has introduced me to get to know my physique and personal my sexuality. Nonetheless, when I’m with another person, I simply block. My greatest experiences had been after I was capable of not concentrate on efficiency and concentrate on the intimate connection between my companion and I. We nevertheless battle to recreate that.

We have now come to the conclusion that attempting out tentra exercices, tentric couple meditations, and so forth may assist us get there collectively. Creating a robust connection between us and never focusing a lot on efficiency and benefit from the trip as an alternative is what we have to be taught collectively. Nonetheless, I’ve not discover a lot attention-grabbing ressources on the subject. Might you assist mentioning nice locations to begin?

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  1. I do not know any places (and i do not know where you are located) Yet given your post, the best thing to get would be a tantra massage, including Yoni massage. Just be sure to get a real good and real experienced person to do it. Research, get “reviews” maybe even make background checks.

    The person doing it should be at least very careful and empathic and at best have some counseling/therapy background (or just be very experienced in the field) cause it is far from “getting fingered” and orgasm is no goal. During the massage trauma and blockages can be released, just by pressing certain spots in your inner dome. These can be very intense and delicate moments.

    All the Best for your healing

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