Self initiation into Kula Tantra

Thus to considered one of purified consciousness, calm, lively within the methods of the spirit, devoted intensely to the Lord and His Revelation of the Kula, of excessive religion, humility, cheerfulness, devoted in life to Fact and obedient to the instructions of the Guru, does the Kula Data reveal itself. It’s not attained by the undeserving nor does it stick with them.
– Kularnava Tantra.

Does anybody follow initiations/empowerments? Purifications earlier than turning into Siva/bhairva?

If by mere consuming of wine one had been to attain fulfilment, all drunkards would attain perfection. If liberation had been to ensue by mere cohabitation with lady, all creatures would stand liberated by feminine companionship.


1 thought on “Self initiation into Kula Tantra”

  1. Is it even advisable to self-initiate?
    One must overcome the ego. It’s hard to do that yourself. You need some sort of external guide, IMO. Either a guru or a god/goddess.

    Especially when dealing with taboos and sex and drugs or alcohol.

    Traditional tantrik sex wasn’t SEXY like a lot of the modern New Age sex magick bullshit tries to make it out to be. You slept with untouchable women. People below your caste or hideous. Not someone you would normally want to sleep with. That sort of Tantra is about overcoming taboo and revulsion…not getting your rocks off.

    Especially in today’s sex-and-drinking obsessed society, I wouldn’t suggest dabbling with such things without a guru. Someone who’s going to call you on your bullshit. Or at least point out when your ego is coming out and challenge you.

    If you’re doing it alone, are you going to rely on your own ego to call itself out? Good luck with that…

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