Does anybody know channel semen all through the physique and have much less saved within the bladder?

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  1. The semen doesn’t physically get channeled through the body, but rather the semen retention energy. Breath regulation and being relaxed is key. The best method I’ve found is by utilizing the microscopic orbit to circulate energy. Although he’s teaching from a Taoist perspective I highly recommend Dr.Mantak Chia he has a couple useful books including “The Multi-Orgasmic man” which I think every man would benefit from reading. He also has an excellent London Real interview on YouTube.

  2. That’s great! I’m 45 and have not lived to my full potential sensually. I’ve started nofap etc.
    I want to get into deeper forms of sensual expression. One door opens another it seems. Thank you. I was just a bit concerned abt the excess semen in my bladder. But now I will explore energy channeling. Perhaps this will help

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