Suggestions discovering a Tantra companion?

Does anybody have any solutions on discovering a Tantra companion? That is coming from a 34 yr previous male on the east coast/New England. All my earlier companions have been fairly sexually repressed and I’m reluctant to speak about Tantra with a possible companion as a result of I assume they will misread my intentions / assume I’m simply speaking about wanting intercourse.

Any solutions? I really feel like a giant a part of my life is lacking and I’m feeling slightly hopeless about discovering a correct companion.

Thanks in your time.

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  1. > Any suggestions?

    There are a few groups teaching tantra here in the usa.. (through yoga studios?) and they of course encourage partners.. maybe being around them would help? ahh for new england it would maybe help to talk to a [channel]( because it was a channel who told me about these groups.. 😛

    Also asheland, nc is a big new agie area.. so that would be a good place to start a search in a yoga studio around there..

    > I feel like a big part of my life is missing and I’m feeling a little hopeless about finding a proper partner.

    again talk to a channel.. they can explain (the better ones) about tantric sex/energy sex etc. if you haven’t consulted the information available via these people.. you are missing out on a great resource.. especially on TABOO subjects like this…

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