5 thoughts on “Tantra isn’t just intercourse, there are 112 methods of meditation in Vijnanabhairava Tantra solely two are associated to intercourse.”

  1. The term tantra gets used in different ways. I certainly use it differently then you, though I try to always call it “neotantra” for clarity.

    You might disapprove of my usage. (In fact, I’m fairly certain of it 😉 )

    I certainly understand the wish/need/urge of (religious) communities to reserve and promote their own usage of words. I don’t think it can be done, on a global scale.

    Neither you nor I have any authority over the word, so I doubt that anybody can succeed in forcing one particular use over others.

    I think we should try to find ways to live with that fact. Constantly protesting something you cannot change, is probably a bit frustrating in the long run.

  2. Something the West AND the East often forgets is that the word tantra also means a small book, as a gita is a large book.

    Though some like to think so, Tantra is by no means just one single culture or set of methods. It is common to see various groups pointing fingers making claims that their version of tantra is the one-and-only-true version of tantra, and that all the others have it wrong. It’s a typical and almost universal spiritual eventuality when religious dogmas get fought over. Human nature at work.

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