Tantra Semen Retention

Okay so i have been messing round with it these days and likewise what ive learn within the multi orgasmic man and I’ve a couple of questions…

1) I discover when i ejaculate, my million greenback level space begins spasming out. In the event you maintain that space actual tight, you just about do not see any semen come out.

2) How do i get myself from stopping that spasm? Is it extra simply doing the cease/begin approach and drawing my power up each time I get to the purpose of ejaculation?

three) I do know if I can management that spasm, I am golden. Any ideas and tips? Within the multi orgasmic man it says you may management it along with your thoughts….however that hasn’t labored for me lol.

four) I discover after I squeeze my kegels (pull up) throughout ejaculation, the spasm is way more durable. Are you supposed to make use of your kegels to manage that spasm?

Any assist is way appreciated!!

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  1. Hmm the only thing to know is you don’t really want the spasm to go away as much as you want to relax into it… Such that it becomes lighter and sweeter. Eventually the spasm becomes a tingle.. then light flowing waves off bliss … Then crashing waves of estatic lava.. or whatever. Initially “blocking” teaches that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. Once this is known it can be seen that ejaculation is caused by resistance to pleasure. Relax and you learn to surf the waves instead of having them crash over you. Soon there is no need to block anything.. less is more.

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