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1. I’m new to this world, and it appears that evidently all my sexual experiences have been experiences the place I’ve not wished it however haven’t allowed myself to say “No”, leading to a considerably traumatic expertise. This sample started once I had my first sexual encounter once I was a pre-teen, and I am nonetheless dwelling this sample now.
2. Plainly these sexual experiences are being saved in my physique as extreme tightness in my pelvis, the muscular tissues and tendons and ligaments in these areas. I tense right here regularly – like my physique is saying “No, I do not need to be on this surroundings”, and so on.
three. Proper now, I am discovering myself avoidant, disgusted, threatened, or turned off by those that attempt to pursue something with me or categorical curiosity, in addition to sexual discuss and habits for probably the most half. I do not know if this can be a results of the previous or the actual people who I am responding to, however I am questioning if tantra would possibly assist open issues up once more…

Which brings me to my query: For these of you who’ve private expertise utilizing tantra to heal traumatic sexual experiences: What tantric practices or workouts will be finished to launch trauma saved within the physique?

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  1. The short answer is “yes,” Tantra can help this.

    The long answer: Saying NO is a skill, a tool in a toolbox, like your teeth. You don’t use your teeth 24/7…but you can’t ignore the times that you absolutely must use them. Your teeth can be used as a weapon, just like the word “no” can be used to hurt people. Which is why most of us hesitate to say it. We want to be nice, and nice people don’t use weapons on others that they like.

    However, failure to use ‘no’ to protect yourself winds up…well, where you are now. Practice saying “no” in the mirror until it no longer feels weird. That’ll help you from doing more damage.

    And get some books on Tantra.

  2. Tantra can teach you to be one with your body by focusing on your breathing. Focusing on each breath inhaled following it in your body to the release of that breath through an exhale. Now depending on your focus and ability to relax and let go and the amount of time you have in your first session will vary. You can read up on things and go in with some knowledge but it takes actually doing it to see and feel the results.

    Like meditation tantra takes patience, relaxation and focus. Learn and take a session with someone experienced who will allow you to be yourself and guide you.

  3. The human body is only an instrument whereby which all cosmic forces operate. The inner reflects the outer, and the outer reflects the inner. Arguably, and in my opinion, all energy is sexual energy. Tantra is a complex discipline, it is a sort of experiential scientific illumination that deals with directly experiencing Supreme Consciousness or Godhead.

    Recognize that the human body is in fact vibrating with the Sacred and Divine aspects of Creation. Sexuality is seen as reproducing, at a small scale, the continuous and beatific interaction of a Cosmic process which is manifesting the entire Universe from the Absolute Reality. The truth of Tantric practice can really only be found in successful practice.

    Sex drive or libido, in tantra, to me, is not seen as sensuality with a drive to orgasm but, the inner drive of the soul towards spiritual perfection.

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