Tantric orgasm or simply very lightheaded??

Whats up,
I’m a 36yr outdated male who has been doing nofap for a few years with solely a few relapses, and hardly any PMO

I not too long ago purchased the city tantra e book as I really feel I’ve been ignoring an essential a part of myself and determined to reclaim my sexuality following a reboot from an excessive amount of porn.

I attempted a number of of the respiratory workout routines and meditations, which felt actually good, for a few days earlier than making an attempt a solo tantric self-massage.

I paid consideration to my respiratory as a lot as I might what with the outdated fella all lubed up and having fun with himself. Particularly I targeting round respiratory, visualising the microcosmic orbit.

I feel I had three orgasms with out ejaculating, and had critical tingles in my fingers, toes and a buzzy head, together with a heat wash over my torso. Weirdly my penis behaved virtually prefer it had ejaculated because it began to go flaccid after every one.

Now my query is have been these orgasms? I’m so programmed to ejaculate to orgasm that I am unsure. The rationale I ask is that after I sing or sit up and breathe deeply, I get the same feeling however with out the heat or rush. So am I doing it proper or am I hyperventilating/getting an excessive amount of oxygen? If that’s it that is effective because it felt nice!

I do know a part of tantra is to just accept what’s and never attempt to perceive the whole lot, however I suppose a little bit of steering and views from the neighborhood would not harm!

TLDR: Learn how to inform distinction between tantric orgasm and being light-headed and tingly from breath-work?

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  1. Congrats. You have just experienced the nonejaculatory male orgasm. It’s pretty amazing, huh?

    It is typically easier to achieve with prostate stimulation. But regardless of how you get there, it is an amazing experience. And probably closer to what women experience when they orgasm.

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