Tantric session left unhealthy aftertaste

Yesterday I took half in
Sacred Union, Life by Spirit-Energetic tantric exploration, carried out by Evi Maes and Kai Helmich in Amsterdam.
These individuals are skilled coaches and preach respect, acceptance and all-encompassing love. Sadly, I discovered them to be grasp manipulators who tried to strain me into doing issues I didn’t really feel comfy with. They began the group session by stating each participant ought to he respectfully guarding their very own boundaries, but once I withdrew from the circle they turned aggressive, even bodily aggressive. I am nonetheless shaken up by it.
I admit I am very important and sceptic on the subject of shamanism and such however I attempted to maintain an open thoughts and soak up the message behind ‘the bullshit’.
I do really feel that some male members had been benefiting from ‘doing what the spirit tells you’. Kai even said that ‘if the spirit tells you to the touch that lovely lady, it is best to achieve this even in face of attainable rejection’. The person actually advised males they might harass feminine members! So many individuals there have been so weak as properly, it was so unhappy to see them being abused that approach with no emotional assist. Each Evi and Kai had been clearly delighting within the energy that they had. It was perverse. I am nonetheless shaking.
Edit: it was NOT a SEXUAL tantra session.
Edit: I had bother being an lively participant, first as a result of this type of factor is approach out of my consolation zone, secondly as a result of I felt the academics had been primarily there for their very own gratification. I eliminated myself from the circle two instances: as soon as throughout an train the place we shaped an inside and an outer circle going through one another and we needed to inform the opposite individual one phrase ‘the spirit’ gave us. The inside circle would rotate to face the following individual and so forth. I overcame my concern and joined again in. The second time is when on the finish of the session we needed to lie down within the circle touching everybody. This was a tough restrict for me and I began to panic. I stayed seated simply exterior the circle, concentrating on connecting with my coronary heart. Kai saved to repeating that by not connecting to the circle, the circle couldn’t be complete. His tone of voice turned fairly aggressive. Evi even took my husband’s hand for me to the touch however my complete physique was screaming to get out. I advised her to maintain her distance. She got here nearer and I shouted I’d punch her if she would contact me. She got here even nearer and sat down in entrance of me and stared me down. I felt threatened and retreated to the designated secure spot to chill off. She adopted me and out pure panic I threw a glass in opposition to the wall. This despatched Kai right into a rage and he got here after me. My husband was certain he was going to harm me and left the circle to face between me and Kai. Kai then taunted my husband to hit him. I dragged my husband away to wash up the glass (everybody was barefoot and I did not need anybody to get harm

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  1. It’s obviously a bunch of hokey. As your /r/Buddhism post(which got removed) would have said:


    The same works for Hinduism,the lineage must be traceable to a ṛsi(sage/seer) of the mantra(and this being a person who is partial to Viṣṇu related Tantrism,which has nothing to do with sex at all).


    ‘reliable’ means that the persons in it must have attained some level of realization,you know,not buisiness coaches.

    (This place is infested with people who think that tantra=weird sex sessions and stuff,so your answers may vary)

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