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Hiya fellow members! Im not searching for recommendation, except you want to share your expertise.

I practiced solo tantra earlier than i met my gf. Whereas doing solo follow I encountered an inside anima to a level. I really feel that lacks reality as a result of my inside anima is much from sexual pursuits however she might have been revealing herself to me.

A short while after this expertise i met my present associate and she or he replicated among the similar precise issues from the evening of my private follow.

I wish to introduce our relationship to true trantric textual content reasonably than neotantrick or the trendy sciences primarily based off 1900s american man whos title isnt coming to me.

I do know these unique texts lack precise sexual acts to a excessive diploma, however I really feel that will probably be very wholesome in growing longevity, well being, and stability.

If somebody might please level me to a few of these, im positive not straightforward to learn books, it will be extremely apprciated 🙂 .

A lot love –

Banu Musick

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  1. Start by reading the Vigyan Bhariav Tantras (or at least their translation into English) without the commentary as written by Osho. Meditate on each verse for yourself and contemplate it through the twilight poetry of the language. This is the version I like:

    All sacred texts from most religions were written for the adherent to read and interpret for themselves without someone between the adherent and the target Divinity. The inclusion of interpreters or priests was added for the power-over dynamics introduced by tyrants over the years. It is beneficial and natural for you to study these texts on your own to get your own take on it. Let no “guru” tell you any different.

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