Two Easy however Profound Features of Tantric Follow . . .

There are 2 easy issues that, mixed, make for an efficient Tantric observe with sexual vitality.

First, a quantitative side: sexual arousal have to be prolonged for lengthy durations of time, say 2-Three hours at a time. That is simply making the vitality accessible for transformation.

Second, a qualitative side: consciousness have to be centered on the felt sensation of the sexual arousal all through the physique. That is what really transforms (or “alchemizes” or “metabolizes”) the sexual vitality into religious substance.

When you’ve got LESS of both of those . . . you’ve gotten much less impact. When you’ve got MORE . . . you’ve gotten extra.

It is easy . . . however few individuals realize it and few persons are keen/in a position to decide to it.

3 thoughts on “Two Easy however Profound Features of Tantric Follow . . .”

  1. I rarely manage the second aspect although I am aware my partner does – I believe it’s because I find it hard to stay β€œin the moment β€œ. Any suggestions on how to improve the second aspect?

  2. Hmmmm. Not sure about the “spiritual” aspect or outcome.I agree with the extended phase of being connected as in effect you are in a form of meditation. But I am of the view that any experience must be fully embedded in the cognitive…not spiritual. Physical experiences translate into biological or evolutionary outcomes. That is what distinguishes the two and what make the whole tantric exercise a tricky one to grasp and use effectively as opposed to being another experience of primordial sex, albeit in a more sensate form. In other words, every act experienced in the biological state, can be experienced in reason, consciousness or logic. Sex being one, being topical as it is here.

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