Which means of Kali’s type (Mahanirvana Tantra)

“Shri Devi mentioned:
How ought to the type of Mahakali be considered, She who’s the Nice Trigger, the Primordial Vitality, the Nice Effulgence, extra refined than the subtlest components? (2).
It’s only that which is the work of Prakriti which has type. How ought to She have type? She is above essentially the most excessive. It behoves thee, O Deva! to utterly take away this doubt of mine (three).

Shri Sadashiva mentioned:
Beloved! I’ve already mentioned that to fulfill the wants of the worshippers the picture of the Devi is shaped in line with Her qualities and actions (four).
As white, yellow, and different colors all disappear in black, in the identical approach, O Shailaja! all beings enter Kali (5).
Subsequently it’s that by those that have attained the data of the means of ultimate liberation, the attributeless, formless, and beneficent Kalashakti is endowed with the color of blackness (6).
Because the everlasting and inexhaustible One picture of Kala and soul of beneficence is nectar itself, due to this fact the signal of the Moon is positioned on her brow (7). As She surveys the whole universe, which is the product of time, with Her three eyes – the Moon, the Solar, and Fireplace – due to this fact she is endowed with three eyes (eight).
As She devours all existence, as She chews all issues current together with her fierce tooth, due to this fact a mass of blood is imagined to be the attire of the Queen of the Devas (on the closing dissolution) (9).
As time after time She protects all beings from hazard, and as She directs them within the paths of obligation, her palms are lifted as much as dispel worry and grant blessings (10).
As She encompasses the universe, which is the product of Rajoguna, she is spoken of, O Light One! because the Devi who’s seated on the purple lotus, gazing at Kala drunk with intoxicating wine and taking part in with the universe. The Devi additionally, whose substance is intelligence, witnesseth all issues (11-12).
It’s for the advantage of such worshippers as are of weak intelligence that the totally different shapes are shaped in line with the attributes (of the Divinity) (13).”

Mahanirvana Tantra, chapter 13th, translation Arthur Avalon

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