Wholesome weight

With all do respect to connecting to every individual as a devine being of affection, why are so many individuals, the bulk it appears, within the neo tantra communities so chubby?
Why is wholesome physique weight not valued?

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  1. There’s two halves to this. One, there are people who are conflicted about being fat and are either seeking an alternative culture that rewards them or allows them to stay in denial. They are drawn to the advertising of self love and acceptance. Two, there are people in the community legitimately on the spiritual path which tends to engender more acceptance of self as is and less concerns about working for happiness because they uncover mindful happiness. Those people have drilled down to such an essential level of what they want that they have legitimately decided they’re as happy that way as any other way.

    Despite what the world would have you believe you’re actually allowed to choose being fat. The people that do are prepared to accept everything that comes with it.

  2. Fatties gonna fat. Clenching your butt ainโ€™t gonna make you loose weight. Iโ€™ll take a fatty with some spirituality and a nice dick over a skinny who canโ€™t get it up.

    In general, I think people who feel othered by society are more likely to seek othered practices to boost confidence.

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