Why doesn’t everybody know and apply tantra?

The title actually says all of it. I’ll go away my very own ideas off the primary put up and conceal them within the replies.

EDIT: Possibly you possibly can take “everybody” within the title as an alias for “far more individuals”. I tousled once I wrote that, plain and easy.

6 thoughts on “Why doesn’t everybody know and apply tantra?”

  1. Here’s my issue:
    I am extremely interested in Tantra. Not even the sexual parts of it as much as self discovery, unleashing inner power, promoting self love and just generally being more in touch with myself.
    I’ve tried to read over some of the post here and done some googling but almost everything here just seems like gobly gook to me. I can’t read sanscript and even the translations here are impossible for a noobie layman to grasp anything worth while from.
    Can anyone here point me in the direction of websites, books that might be a great introduction into Tantra? Almost everything online that is simple to understand is about the sex, which is fine but not at all what I’m looking for.

    I’m not paying huge money for an online course or private sessions with a guru. I want to discover things at my own pace and without sinking crap tons of money into it. I have a basic understanding of rudimentary meditation and breathing but beyond this I’m completely lost and nothing I’ve found online is helpful toward learning.
    I think this is a major reason more people aren’t interested in Tantra. It is extremely difficult to get into for someone who doesn’t understand the lingo and is new to it all.

  2. Because it’s work.

    It’s work and it requires patience, discipline, and the short term sacrifice of pleasure.

    Also, +99% of the time it’s explained in terms of “woo”/ energy retention/ kundalini rising and what not.. A certain portion of materialist/ atheist leaning “normal” people won’t listen to and certainly won’t work according to someone who speaks in the “language of woo”.

    Plus, in my tiny bit of experience, at least in the beginning stages of practice, the arousal and stimulation needs to be done in fairly controlled and slow ways. So, you end up in a very slow movement, very deliberate movement and touch, a very “lovey” type of sex. A YUGE portion of our society only knows good sex as animalistic rutting that is almost purely physical.. the idea of a tantric orgasm barely sounds good in their mind…it’s to ethereal.

    “How are you gonna ask me to practice tantra with this dirty little drunk hottie that I met in the club tonight? I don’t want to cosmically blend with her, I just want to pump and dump… bro.”

    I live in Las Vegas… my experience might be getting jaded. 🙂

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